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  1. Wisconsin GOP's radical attack on the middle class
  2. You have more money in your wallet than Bank of America pays in Federal taxes
  3. Gates admits Bush was crazy to send our troops to war in Mideast
  4. Only the little people pay taxes
  5. Dick Scaife: Republicans wrong on Planned Parenthood
  6. So, a Republican dies and goes to heaven and meets GOD...
  7. When will the media stop broadcasting Sarah Palin's lies?
  8. Canada says "NO" to Fox lies
  9. Top ten Neo-con hits
  10. Politifact's lie of the year: "Govt. takeover of health care"
  11. Are Republicans hoping things are bad enough to get them in the White House in 2012?
  12. More Tea Party Treachery.
  13. Should we have people in Congress who are this ignorant?
  14. The truth about state pension shortfalls
  15. Fox Pac News hypocrisy on teachers pay
  16. Defund NPR
  17. He's just "one of us"!
  18. When will these terrorists get investigated?
  19. Important read
  20. Why don't Republicans want to curtail high gas prices?
  21. Time to rachet up the fear and hysteria
  22. Greatest heist in our history
  23. Wisconsin votes
  24. So when is King going to hold hearings on the NeoNazi threat to our country?
  25. What it's really all about
  26. A voice of sanity
  27. Meow!
  28. Never enough
  29. No money for vets, poor kids and babies- but lots for Nascar
  30. Let me get this straight...
  31. The 14 points of Fascism
  32. This is why our country is so messed up
  33. Seriously, folks
  34. They joke about it!
  35. Why I miss Richard Nixon
  36. over 1,000 obama care waivers now granted by the admin
  37. 2 minute clip on unions
  38. It's really pretty simple
  39. Slinky GOP "logic"
  40. Compassionate conservatism at work
  41. It's Robin Hood in reverse
  42. What the Tea Party should be fired up about
  43. Gay Marriage
  44. Interesting article on what not having a budget does to real people...
  45. Chart showing tax burden by income for the last 100 years
  46. End the War on Drugs!
  47. Oh, but whipping up fear and hysteria over brown people is so much easier!
  48. Warning- don't read while eating!
  49. TARP: Good idea in hindsight?
  50. Yet they still want MORE
  51. What if Fox News targeted the Irish the way they target Muslims and Hispanics?
  52. GOP governor tries to roll back child labor laws
  53. Potential GOP contender for president wants us to be more like Chinese peasants
  54. Ending the Afghan war would save taxpayers 40,000 times more money than defunding NPR
  55. The forgotten millions
  56. Rand Paul's budget proposal
  57. Apparently in Texas...
  58. Imagine if we were funding alternatives as we have nuclear?
  59. There's a war going on but only one side seems aware of it
  60. Ollie and Mollie Oligarchy
  61. My nightmare last night
  62. Cross-dressing in dogs
  63. Oil Will Be Gone in 50 Years: HSBC
  64. More attempts at bringing Sharia law...
  65. More of the Tea Party not even bothering to hide thier ulterior motives.
  66. This is how dumb we really are
  67. The ignorant middle
  68. What's happened to corporate tax revenue in the past 50 years?
  69. Another NRA victory
  70. Incredible, just incredible!
  71. I knew it all along.
  72. What are his chances?
  73. Why do the dems oppose voter I.D.?
  74. What do you think of this...
  75. American plutocracy
  76. Republicans think a tax rate of zero is still too high
  77. It's not about the deficit
  78. The truth, still inconvenient
  79. Why don't they nominate the Koch brothers?
  80. interesting article...
  81. Isn't it obvious?
  82. Those heartless, craven bastards
  83. Souless craven bastards Part II
  84. Tea Baggers cheer for govt. shut-down
  85. Why regulation is needed
  86. meet the lates member of Liar of the Week Club: Bernie Sanders
  87. They just make up their own "facts"
  88. Welcome to the new poverty
  89. They should be paying ME for this!
  90. Should a party that's majority stuck on stupid ever get elected?
  91. Obama- the threat within
  92. Can we afford to try to be an Empire when we're in such deficit?
  93. So where are the jobs?
  94. AP Poll: Obama care drops to 35%
  95. ??? in chief?? Your call
  96. Boortz's Friday random thoughts...
  97. The lies of the left on balancing the budget with tax increases
  98. Once again, the right wing punishing pregnant teens and teen moms.
  99. Aren't these words true?
  100. The truth about Ayn Rand
  101. Oops!
  102. Recession? What recession?
  103. Will Republicans listen to the will of the people?
  104. Does lowering taxes raise revenue? Politifact says no
  105. So candidate Trump had at least one good idea!
  106. hey barry, thanks for recognizing Good Friday and Easter...
  107. The Birth Certificate Insanity
  108. Obama's Ganster Govt
  109. The balls in Trump's court
  110. Will we ever learn?
  111. The inherent cruelty of Ryan's budget plan
  112. Budget fallacies: Why the Ryan plan won't work
  113. Kooks are running rampant.
  114. Not bad ... Not bad ...
  115. And he is not just merely dead, he's really most sincerely dead!!! (eom)
  116. Obama reported dead according to FOX NEWS
  117. Trump demands long form death certificate of bin Laden
  118. The futility of reasoning with crazy
  119. Glen Beck rode that wave of fear
  120. The reality is Bush gave up on finding bin Laden
  121. Republicans vote to slash IRS funding to catch tax cheaters
  122. Seven reasons why raising taxes is a bad idea
  123. just to deviate to a little humor with all that is going on and at MY expense for all
  124. Waterboarding.
  125. If they're not being used then, why not?
  126. Canadian Spending...
  127. Who knew al Queda members are liberals?
  128. Give GW some credit
  129. So torture was why we got bin Laden?
  130. Florida Republicans stick it to the people again
  131. We caught bin Laden because Obama put the focus back on catching him
  132. To cut the debt, tax the top
  133. The unwisdom of elites
  134. Class Structure And Rising Gas Cost
  135. It does not compute!
  136. Has subsidizing big oil made gas prices any cheaper?
  137. And here I thought Republicans were all about freedom and liberty!
  138. American workers: This is your future
  139. GOP pays no attention to real problems
  140. why we must put the brakes on the runaway bloated fed govt
  141. what do yall t hink about the WH invite of the "poet"?
  142. Bigeasy are you excited?
  143. Because they just don't care
  144. Wow- at least we're ahead of Turkey, eh?
  145. But I suppose the Vatican is just in it for the money?
  146. And he should know
  147. Soros's ties to over 30 new organizations
  148. private pensions raided to pay for govt spending in ireland; are we next?
  149. wondering why no high profile bankers have gone to jail over the mtg meltdown?
  150. And again our Veteran's suffer
  151. Senator Rand Paul on the "right to health care"
  152. this explains why obama went to Rio and
  153. funniest front page of a newspaper...EVER
  154. Newt making a comeback
  155. Election 2012: the GOP's nutcracker suite of candidates
  156. $49 billion unpaid by uninsured
  157. George Will: Newt not a serious candidate
  158. THe hypocrisy of Newt calling Obama a "foodstamp president"
  159. The hedge fund loophole- costing us 20 billion a year in lost revenue
  160. America held hostage- by reckless Republicans
  161. Battle for the soul of the GOP
  162. Right-wing talk radio declining in ratings
  163. How will the Christian right get behind this man?
  164. A reality check
  165. Investing in gambling instead of education
  166. Fed govt spent 591 billion on poverty in 2009
  167. Perspectives of a Russian immigrant
  168. updated info shows enhanced interrogations led to bin ladin and al quaida secrets
  169. Michael Savage is STILL banned from England
  170. Did yall here about Sean Hannity calling Adriann Huffington a left winged slut?
  171. Liberal pundit walked of the set in the middle of a debate
  172. Hidden dangers for seniors regard GOP's medicare reform idea
  173. New book examines liberal bias of Hollywood
  174. Hope you are doing well Reines...worried 'bout you girl...get well and God Bless
  175. New study says 'war' on drugs has failed. Legalization?
  176. An example of 1950's ideals.
  177. liberal Wash Post: Obama's assertions on auto bailout most misleading we've ever seen
  178. here's your great society cats and other libs... success?..is this how you define it?
  179. Where is reines?
  180. The release of Palin's E-mails...
  181. Freedom in the 50 states
  182. Headline title White House "Weiner a distraction"
  183. What would Jesus do?
  184. Obama...One Term?
  185. well here's some good stuff that will make us all happy
  186. anthony weiner already has a job offer
  187. Informal Poll
  188. Again, when the hell does the Palin family go away?
  189. bill to legalize marijauna
  190. Anyone seeing similarities to modern events here?
  191. No, Hitler was NOT a Socialist.
  192. for those who only watch lamestream liberal media
  193. Pehaps the TSA went tooo far here
  194. Another example of main stream media's double standard
  195. Jaun Williams on Media Matters
  196. Great article on Michelle Bachman and media bias
  197. Reines we miss you!
  198. Texas job creation from a left leaning writer for LA Times
  199. Another win for the South: Obesity!
  200. Today a new country is born: South Sudan.
  201. I swear, Michelle Bachmann is getting crazier and crazier.
  202. A rap video on economics
  203. hooray for the free market
  204. Marijuana For Medicinal Purposes
  205. What? Could it be?
  206. Since we don't seem to give a damn the prez told us 80% want a tax hike, how 'bout
  207. turnabout?
  208. Even the Economist says the Republicans need to be more giving.
  209. Can you guess who said this?
  210. Note: Most of the job losses were under Bush, not Obama.
  211. could this be an area we could cut in the federal budget? sizes of gay men's penis'?
  212. Deconstructing Right-Wing Myths
  213. family loses fight with feds over gold coins
  214. Move to Canada...
  215. CEO's who supported obama's campaign now have buyer's remorse
  216. Home Depot's founder's take on the obama admin
  217. The face of Norwegian terror
  218. The Republican Wreckage
  219. Debt Ceilings...
  220. "A Norway incident could definitely happen here"... Strange, I thought it did.
  221. another can you guess who said this...
  222. House panel approves internet snooping
  223. Another view about the failed war on drugs
  224. "A Sugar Coated Satan Sandwich"
  225. Restrictive laws make earning a living difficult
  226. obama admin adds 9.5 billion in additional regulations on bidness in July
  227. 82% OF Americans disaprove of Congress
  228. Standard & Poor Downgrade
  229. Megyn Kelly has finally returned to Fox News!
  230. Deficit made very clear
  231. Who here is going to watch the republican debate FOX news tonight?
  232. Warren Buffet...This Says A Lot
  233. this is what happens when dems blow money on "green" jobs..bankruptcy
  234. Debit Card Fees
  235. Obama has no chance next election...
  236. BACK!
  237. food stamps...
  238. Rich getting poorer...
  239. europe and canada vs usa
  240. GWB and the Mideast
  241. Ahh..tastes great, less filling...
  242. WELCOME BACK ALEX C!!! where ya been dude?
  243. martha's vineyard...
  244. Justice Dept..
  245. Good article on breakdown of Texas job creation
  246. Energy..
  247. New Global Warming threat since others are failing
  248. We're In A Recession
  249. this is how dishonest and/or stupid the folks in power are
  250. How cool is this...