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  1. Big Labor's Payoff
  2. HOw NAFTA produced Mexican migration
  3. Ammendment for a timetable to get out of Afghanistan voted down again
  4. Heros of Iran
  5. Our 12 step program to handle our addiction
  6. here are some stats on a hospital in dallas re illegals
  7. the end of democratic socialism
  8. Bush claimed that the best way to revitalize the economy is war
  9. BP oil spill "unprecedented"? Hardly!
  10. Will Wall Street go free?
  11. The most blatant Republican hypocrisy ever!
  12. Documents show early worries about rig safety
  13. A military in isolation
  14. OT.. funny video of dog having fun in the pool
  15. Obamacare keeps going down in popularity
  16. BP and Safety Award
  17. House Republicans out of touch with their constituents
  18. Our epic foolishness
  19. Now hear this!
  20. Can a country be too wealthy?
  21. It's Not Just Mortgage Loans...Student Loans Too
  22. What I will criticize Obama for
  23. Liability cap too low
  24. Hooray for Helen Thomas
  25. Bi-partisanship has to work both ways
  26. LOL Are there two Jim Boehners?
  27. Oil companies under Bush were allowed to fill in their own "inspection" reports
  28. How's this workin' for ya... those poo-pooing environment concerns?
  29. Hillary: Rich aren't paying their fair share
  30. Loop current
  31. Can any good come out of this oil spill?
  32. Glenn Beck praying for his job
  33. Slick operators
  34. Just wait till November...
  35. The case for prosecuting BP
  36. One point of view
  37. Oil tragedy should force us to ackowledge the dangers of oil dependance
  38. The fabulously rich- they're different from you or me!
  39. Things everyone knows which aren't true
  40. I'm not one to defend Bush.. but this is tasteless.
  41. over 8,000 NY transit workers make over 100K
  42. Obama should take over... really? Really, conservatives?
  43. Where white man went wrong LOL
  44. No matter what- attack!
  45. How does BP own the airspace over the spill?
  46. Rachel Maddow show nominated for award
  47. BP desperate to buy good PR
  48. Latest GOP hypocrite
  49. Sixty-six years ago today...
  50. obama succeeds... debt to overtake GDP
  51. Our 2 billion folly
  52. Should Helen Thomas be fired?
  53. Don't get mad, get even
  54. Have they considered this solution?
  55. In defense of Helen Thomas
  56. Washing it is a real b*tch though!
  57. The hijacking of the truth
  58. This is sad
  59. A very deep hole
  60. Elton John to do a concert at Rush's wedding?
  61. Thank Goodness the Helen Thomas menace has ben handled!
  62. Californians, what do you think of Prop 14 that just passed
  63. RollingStone---> The Spill, The Scandal and the President
  64. We need a King or Queen
  65. Those annoying hafalogues
  66. Of course not
  67. Oh really?
  68. It's going to get worse
  69. "Labor isn't an arm of the Democratic party"
  70. Carly Fiorina: Off-shoring American jobs is "right-shoring"
  71. why we need fewer public school teachers
  72. 60 spillion later, the messiah decides to meet with BP
  73. why is hussein blocking kagan's record?
  74. BP not allowing local talent to help
  75. GOP Boehner says that taxpayers should pay for clean-up
  76. The double standard
  77. And President Obama still favors offshore drilling?
  78. Why does Obama need advice on who's ass to kick?
  79. What in the heck is going on in South Carolina?
  80. The message from Arkansas- White House, ignore at your own risk!
  81. Someone finally gives up on the war In Iraq. Too bad it's not us
  82. Makes you wonder
  83. Oh yeah... that's the solution!
  84. Why is BP still trying to block the media from covering the spill?
  85. It's the de-regulation!
  86. were these really the words of Lincoln?
  87. Over the Cliff- How Obama's Election Drove the American Right Insane
  88. Why don't we have the courage to leave Afghanistan?
  89. Isn't this part of the problem?
  90. H-m-m-m-m
  91. Senior Health Care Solution
  92. Ain't it the truth!
  93. How to prevent BP disasters
  94. Would GOP plan to hold BP accountable actually work?
  95. Ain't it the truth?
  96. Unfazed by reality
  97. Estimate of oil leak sharply increased- finally the truth?
  98. Who knew?
  99. The boring speech policy
  100. Bad news for Presdient Obama
  101. The curious Alvin Greene
  102. Maybe God's angry over what we're doing to the earth
  103. Avoiding blame Republican style
  104. Do corporations lie?
  105. GOP lockdown of Sharon Angle and Rand Paul
  106. Rape and Spillage
  107. OT -- But go Celtics!!!
  108. Once again, Republicans stand with big industry and not the American people
  109. Does this make you feel better?
  110. Can't afford a nice grill?
  111. Our exceedingly naiive president?
  112. Where is Dick Cheney hiding?
  113. Never mind the facts, just give me my talking point!
  114. Reporter called an idiot for questioning candidate
  115. A painless fix for America's budget squeeze
  116. Ahh...got some of his life back
  117. Happy Father's Day to all our fathers here
  118. One safe bird
  119. Yes, Texas is doing so great they can't even afford new school textbooks
  120. Gulf spill highlights Republicans who are owned by the oil industry
  121. For reines
  122. LOL
  123. Who needs regulation? Let's pray instead
  124. Factcheck calls Obama on false statements during Oval address
  125. Once again, rightwing Supreme Court sides with corporations over people
  126. Our tax dollars at work: funding the mafia in Afghanistan
  127. Greenspan's legacy
  128. Meg Whitman sees little people?
  129. Is McChrystal setting the stage for a presidential run?
  130. Zombie lies
  131. Shouldn't he be court-marshalled as well as fired?
  132. Yet another hypocritical Republican!
  133. Made-up "facts"- that Bush created lots of jobs
  134. Don't cry for me Argentina
  135. Al Gore -- Did he or didn't he.. story going viral here in Portland
  136. What a colossal waste!
  137. Republican hypocrisy- this is what it looks like!
  138. Republicans- out of touch with the country- even with Texas!
  139. Exploit this tragedy!
  140. Why we need healthcare reform
  141. Iraqi surge accomplished little
  142. LOL
  143. the only major business group that supported obama care now having 2nd thoughts
  144. our tax money at work
  145. perhaps the people in this country are becoming more libertarian
  146. Disenchantment... and optics..
  147. Toxic Chemical Levels in whales discussed at conference
  148. Why we can't get off big oil
  149. Well?
  150. The kindergarten mentality of Fox News hosts
  151. It's about time
  152. Compromised judge rules againsr moratorium
  153. When deficits mattered
  154. A Cartoon with Reines in Mind
  155. Why do so many Republicans hate the unemployed?
  156. Congress is a war zone
  157. Endless war, a recipe for four-star arrogance
  158. The third depression
  159. Obama: Will not be pushed into timetable on Afghanistan
  160. Little evidence that Jesus died on a cross
  161. Right-wingers discover the next "Joe-the-fake-plumber"
  162. Afghanistan- the same old "stay the course"?
  163. Billions being flown out of Afghanistan
  164. Be more cynical
  165. We just love our Corpo-cola!
  166. Can a Republican Senator get more ridiculous?
  167. Who will fight for the unemployed?
  168. Why we talk to terrorists
  169. Worse than a nightmare
  170. Feds Fine Texas $4 Million for Food Stamp Errors
  171. Sticking the public with the bill for the bankers' crisis
  172. Review Of The Gates/Crowley Incident
  173. another example of why liberalism is a mental disorder
  174. Patriotic Duty -- I need clever grilling ideas for the 4th!
  175. Too bad they didn't listen to him
  176. Obama- fooled again?
  177. Don't blame Bush? Let's set the record straight!
  178. GOP sabotages economic recovery
  179. John Boehner- gift to Democrats?
  180. Boehner: WE can'r afford war and SS, so let's cut SS!
  181. hey dumbass commies.. who the hell do you think you are fooling?
  182. How's your day going?
  183. Held captive by zombie lies
  184. It's about time Democrats started listing the facts!
  185. Whine! Republicans want their "freedom" back!
  186. Where did our deficit come from?
  187. Why so much of America is so uninformed
  188. 26% of Americans clueless on who we declared independence from
  189. Republican jobs plan: Kick Americans when we're down
  190. Myths of austerity
  191. Obama the clueless job killer
  192. how's that hopey changey thing working for you?
  193. anybody seen the NY Times article on earmark loopholes?
  194. evolution... south park style..
  195. Oil industry fights taxes yet reaps benefits
  196. GOP SEnator Scott Brown ignores the facts- again
  197. Busted: Magazine photoshops Obama
  198. hey reines.. here's more "rhetoric" on the racists tyrants you support
  199. illegal immigration costs $113 Billion per year
  200. What is the primary mission of NASA?
  201. who can argue these words of barry goldwater?
  202. Hey- global warming MUST be real!
  203. Poll: Tea Partiers and Republican base are "indistinguishable"
  204. Should we believe anything oil companies say?
  205. And now for something really cute!
  206. proof the dems are running scared on obama care
  207. have yall seen whose paying for all those pro harry reid adds?
  208. GOP: Party of no jobs
  209. Fox News, the Black Panthers, and the same old story
  210. Let's hope he made it O.K!
  211. Why Democrats win
  212. The curious Alvin Greene's big idea for jobs
  213. Conservatives still want weapons that the Pentagon calls unecessary
  214. CBO says climate change legislation would reduce deficit
  215. A plutocracy is not a democracy!
  216. Will American business be smart enough to take jobs back?
  217. obama getting ready to make the same economic mis steps of FDR
  218. Voters, meet your new Republican Party!
  219. Why didn't he say it when he was in office?
  220. Pity the poor CEOs
  221. Just like old times
  222. The war on truth- the secret battle for the American mind
  223. Yes, Bigeasy, things were better in the seventies
  224. SS lies- retirement age must be raised because people are living longer
  225. Wall St. knows we're in a recovery
  226. The class war we need
  227. Cut the welfare to big oil
  228. Obama cuts the red tape for our soliders with PTSD
  229. Supporting the troops
  230. tax increases on the horizon for ALL Americans
  231. A story in pictures
  232. Cruel Tea Party beliefs
  233. Because they can't worship Jesus unarmed!
  234. Climate-Gate- burned by reality
  235. "Compassionate" conservatism
  236. US banks laundering Mexican cartels' drug money
  237. Same old tired GOP belief in tax cuts for the wealthy
  238. Gross Republican hypocrisy
  239. Finally- financial reform!
  240. Republicans to unemployed Americans: Get some jobs already!
  241. GOP says no to unemployment benefits, yes to tax cuts for the wealthy!
  242. Ignorance
  243. Change coming too slowly?
  244. Tea Partiers compare our president to Hitler
  245. did yall see where the health care now is going to fund abortions?
  246. Rand Paul: War is a "non-issue"
  247. Um...Nope, we really don't miss president Bush!
  248. Our Broken Politics on Full Display
  249. LOL
  250. BP paying off scientists to keep quiet