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  1. so whose lying? those who support the new law or those who oppose?
  2. Former IAEA Chief: Iraq War Killed "A Million Innocent Civilians"
  3. March job gains were largest in three years
  4. CEO of Wellpoint receives a 51% increase in compensation
  5. Why greater equality makes us stronger
  6. Obama's First Pitch
  7. Bumper sticker I saw
  8. The "sophisticated" Tea Partiers
  9. Is he getting senile?
  10. Anti-govt. Tea Partier gets a quarter million in taxpyer subsidies every year
  11. Big corporations shift 100 billion tax burden onto taxpayers
  12. Militia Field Days- Let's see whose gun is bigger!
  13. Unaware of the contradiction?
  14. A method to Republican "madness"
  15. The 11 best foods you aren't eating
  16. HOw the GOP purged me
  17. A reminder that regulation is there for a reason
  18. Marriage
  19. Why demonizing Democrats in office is a dangerous game
  20. Dinosaur of GOP pledges shut-down of govt.
  21. Want to secede? Go for it!
  22. A voice of reason
  23. More evidence that if the GOP had put forth the same HCR bill that Democrats passed
  24. Quote of the day
  25. Guess what California's most profitable crop is?
  26. Where were they?
  27. THe Teabagger Pledge
  28. FDR did NOT end the Great Depression
  29. 2 weeks later, Breightbart still has the $100,000 in the bank with no one claiming it
  30. politicaly motivated hate crime?
  31. Bestiality, porn and racism from the Tea Party candidate
  32. CTJ report: 98% of Americans getting a tax break for 2009
  33. FOX cuts off presidential news conference for Glenn Beck show
  34. Whe men are never depressed
  35. It was all a scam
  36. LOL
  37. 14 tax hikes the dems have laid on the middle class in the last year
  38. this is what makes me sick
  39. Huckabee cites gay marriage akin to incest, polygamy, etc.
  40. President Obama- listen to Rush!
  41. Palin and her pre-screened questions
  42. Remember when Sarah Palin said she quit to "make a difference"?
  43. The main difference
  44. Rush: Where was miner's union?
  45. One story you probably won't see on Fox News
  46. Incredibly, Republicans opposing financial reform!
  47. stuff you won't see from the white house controlled media
  48. Goldman Sachs
  49. KKK is seeing a rise in numbers and interest
  50. Tim McVeigh would have been a Tea Partier
  51. A chart for Tea Partiers
  52. GOP ripped off Tea Partiers
  53. So much for the supposed "liberal media"
  54. The Tea Party today and our Founding Fathers
  55. How insulting
  56. Surprise! Most of our federal tax dollars go to the Pentagon!
  57. Six myths about poverty in America
  58. Can we make another rule?
  59. Slow news day award
  60. Interesting...
  61. United we fall!
  62. Selective outrage
  63. She doesn't understand
  64. GOP talking point: Link any financial reform to bank bailouts
  65. Tea Party leaders now trying to distance themselves from Oklahoma Militia efforts
  66. Republicans working with Wall Street to stop reform
  67. Conflict of interest?
  68. Does violent rhetoric cause violence?
  69. What we really should fear
  70. Looters in Loafers
  71. Cal State Stanislaus: Let Sarah Palin Speak - Somewhere Else
  72. What Obama should say
  73. Zero taxes
  74. LOL
  75. The party of NO
  76. Earth day predictions of 1970
  77. I voted democrat because...
  78. Obama and the new civility
  79. Kathy..I hope you don't mind me posting your leftist violence story
  80. Our tax money at work
  81. Liberals and the violence card by Rush Limbaugh
  82. Republican Racists at it Again
  83. Obama Loves Pie
  84. You want to see what evil looks like?
  85. Republican health care ideas
  86. Sarah Palin's cat
  87. Don't listen to what they say- watch what they do!
  88. Inequality by the numbers
  89. O's hollow promises... financial reform bill leaves future bailouts alive and well
  90. Immigration myths
  91. Beck is "changing our country" with his chalkboard technique
  92. did yall see those tea party folks throwing water bottles at the cops?
  93. Republicans in Congress thumb their noses at the American people
  94. Have conservatives gone mad?
  95. Time to get tough
  96. Sarah Palin mobbed by Tea Partiers at rally
  97. The consequences of tax cuts
  98. why the repubs are right to oppose the dem finance bill
  99. damned...why couldn't THIS guy have been the 1st black prez?
  100. hey Joan, are you lying or just too lazy to look up the facts?
  101. yall seen the you tube video that the makers may get sued over?
  102. Greece in the dumps
  103. Bush memoir coming in November!
  104. Rush lies
  105. Propaganda
  106. Tea Party dilemma
  107. Goldman Sachs grilled on it's lack of integrity
  108. Republicans stand in the way again
  109. And how is your day going?
  110. How cute
  111. Another example of Nanny State
  112. An interesting story about media bias
  113. how mexico treats illegal aliens
  114. Arizona boycotts
  115. "That Woman is an idiot"...
  116. Arizona quotes
  117. Wow- What's next? Put leashes on them?
  118. Hey Bigeasy
  119. The Euro Trap
  120. Criminal Inquiry opened into Goldman Sachs
  121. Problem for the GOP- who's their leader?
  122. Where is "Drill, baby, drill" now?
  123. A slap in the face for women in Oklahoma
  124. Another "informed" Fox News viewer
  125. Arizona law written by a racist
  126. Crime in Arizona- do the facts match the rhetoric?
  127. Constitution? Who cares about the constitution?
  128. Priceless!
  129. I wonder...
  130. LOL
  131. Solution for Arizona- stop hiring illegals!
  132. Brit Hume: Oil spill validates concerns
  133. Probably a good idea
  134. Drilling, disaster, denial
  135. Welcome back hummers!
  136. Obama and budget cuts
  137. Nope.
  138. I'm speechless
  139. A good example of inflammatory rhetoric that doesn't help anything
  140. Financial reform debate- four things to watch
  141. Barney Frank in 2005 "too many concerns about hosing bubble"
  142. NOAA warned the Obama admin re: oil spills
  143. AZ law and why it's a problem
  144. Michael Brown, wise sage as he is
  145. Cheney and the oil spill
  146. We're screwed
  147. Inequality by the numbers
  148. Hard to believe that these guys are actually running for Congress
  149. Twisted Republican "logic"
  150. Key fact omitted in most of media coverage of oil spill
  151. obama... commie or not a commie?
  152. Freddie Mac asks for another 11 billion bailout
  153. here is the mentor to obama and hillary
  154. damn.. I learned something from this piece
  155. Preserving the status quo
  156. The problem with taking away their citizenship
  157. What I believe
  158. teacher's union wins... poor students lose
  159. He said it!
  160. Bobby Jindal: More government please!
  161. Liberty, freedom, constitution! Except when we're scared!
  162. Some perspective
  163. top 20 events that prove obama is a communist
  164. obama's communist "father figure" in HI
  165. Happy Mother's day ladies...
  166. drug dealing illegal immigrant gets $145,000 gift from NYC before he is deported
  167. Sex and Drugs and the Spill
  168. Happy Spring
  169. They just lie
  170. Lack of regulation caused oil spill
  171. Wrong again Repubs
  172. It's about time!
  173. Reines! I'm glad to see you're posting today
  174. Reines... My friend
  175. Well if Jack McCoy says so...
  176. Earth near 'tipping point'
  177. Democrats warned us about BP safety
  178. Obama and big oil
  179. Things are improving
  180. LOL
  181. Define reines...
  182. Taxes lowest since 1950
  183. Are they telling us the truth about the oil spill?
  184. I think I've figured them out
  185. Sounds like a great idea!
  186. Does anyone else find Kagan's view on the second amendment troubling?
  187. Why can't all Republicans be as reasonable as this?
  188. Is this inflammatory rhetoric?
  189. Gulf turning "unbelievably bad"
  190. What to do with all those old TVs
  191. AG Eric Holder admitted he never read the AZ immigration bill
  192. GrannyG, any word from your state rep?
  193. Open carry gun law for OK
  194. Sarah Palin has another book out?
  195. Stupid is as stupid does
  196. What's wrong with these states?
  197. If you don't like socialism
  198. this about sums up kagan and obama
  199. famous words from many years ago from Robert Bork
  200. Why does the NRA leadership support terrorism?
  201. We're all immigrants
  202. The Republican party- going to extremes
  203. Crime statistics test rationale behind Arizona law
  204. After being in Congress for 30 years, Hatch says he isn't part of Washington!
  205. One business that's booming these days
  206. Latest craze for the wealthy and bored: submarines
  207. Overtaxation? Our phoniest "problem"
  208. $290 billion goes uncollected by the IRS
  209. Hey Kentucky, careful what you wish for!
  210. Fannie and Freddie are still problems...
  211. Have you read the Arizona immigration bill?
  212. Would you call this an example of bad teaching?
  213. Oil strangling the gulf
  214. Oil companies first worried about suppressing free speech
  215. Oil? What oil?
  216. Warning
  217. Kagan on free speech...
  218. global cooling?
  219. An open letter to Dr. Laura
  220. Bush DOJ killed BP probe
  221. Government and big oil
  222. Wise words
  223. A Tea Partier and his stupid statements
  224. If a person can't handle an interview, can he handle being a Senator?
  225. War is making you poor
  226. New York govt pensions
  227. Why are the feminists ignoring this...
  228. A horrific story
  229. Rand Paul's very bad week
  230. short t.v. ad supporting AZ immigration enforcement..
  231. the euro weenie welfare state... the future and the bill have arrived
  232. heard the latest on the health care bill?
  233. Why we shouldn't listen to people like this
  234. It's official: Maine GOP has co-opted Tea Party insanity
  235. The Old Enemies
  236. First they came for the chickens
  237. GrannyG...
  238. Taking the Tea Party seriously
  239. Would you like to see the health care bill repealed?...
  240. The Tea Party's tool of hate
  241. Panic time at Fox News
  242. Americans are becoming more open-minded about gay people
  243. The Census is playing statistical games...
  244. Campaign 2010: Where to put blame
  245. And we thought Sarah Palin was dumb?
  246. Obama to deploy 1,200 Nat. Guard troops to border
  247. What eight years of de-regulation got us
  248. Penn Jillette: religous Americans are very tolerant
  249. BP and spill
  250. either Sestek lied, or he is protecting a felon in the white house, which is it?