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  1. the funnies video in a long time...Brown's victory in MA in Hitler's version
  2. Hey, the GOP does have an economic plan!
  3. Republicans vs. the military
  4. Fiscal scare tactics
  5. Danger: Falling middle class
  6. Winter driving... sigh
  7. One of the best articles in a while...blasts both parties..800 words
  8. GOP Senator is blocking every Obama nomination because he wants his PORK
  9. Tea Party follies
  10. Tea Partiers skip prayer and pledge of allegiance to flag at convention!
  11. Tea partiers- twenty years from now
  12. Palin apparently let hubby run government
  13. Times are tough
  14. Yep, that'll work
  15. Aw, did Palin cheat?
  16. Out of touch Republicans: A million is not a lot of money
  17. Tea Party follies
  18. Why are so many people so mis-informed?
  19. Numbers don't lie
  20. Palin kisses Rush's sitdown
  21. OMG! IT's true!
  22. Tea party: Tandcredo says illerates elected Obama
  23. GOP had 8 years to reform Health Care
  24. Anatomy of lost jobs decade
  25. GOP hypocrisy called out
  26. Bachman calls for death panels!
  27. Cal. Blue Cross raises rates 39 percent
  28. Tax rates on the top income levels
  29. What is he thinking??
  30. Less than half the country knows the three branches of government!
  31. More GOP hypocrisy
  32. 10 things I learned from watching Tea Party Nation
  33. Reading between the lines
  34. We Need A Modern Day Howard Beale
  35. This is a tax I could get behind.
  36. GOP: Enough transparency already!
  37. Sigh... More GOP hypocrisy
  38. There- I fixed it!
  39. Major League Baseball- how generous!
  40. Did you know Fox News is partly owned by a Saudi prince?
  41. How ignorant!
  42. Sanders to GOP: "Spare me the lectures... "
  43. Dear Al Gore
  44. Health insurers profits up 56% from last year!
  45. Why did Republicans upset about spending vote for Bush in 2004?
  46. Another Palin lie
  47. Good news
  48. When experience trumps data- why global warming is real even though it's snowing out
  49. weird weather
  50. Watching China run
  51. The need to destroy our two-party system
  52. Bush tours country to see damage caused by his presidency
  53. global warming advocates admit mistakes
  54. Rockafeller throws obama under the bus
  55. Bayh another rat leaving a sinking ship
  56. Why is 88% of the public so mis-informed?
  57. Catstrack...
  58. They're not embarrassed!
  59. Party gridlock feeds new fear of debt crisis
  60. Phil Jones: "I'm 100% confident that the planet has warmed."
  61. What's wrong with us?
  62. Top earners paid record low tax rate in 2007
  63. Evan Bahy's retirement leaves Democrats demanding action
  64. This is why nothing is getting done
  65. Health care- can we afford NOT to reform it?
  66. Yes, the Stimulas Bill was a success!
  67. Stimulus and US debt facts
  68. Drilling Bans costing us Trillions
  69. Stimulating hypocrisy- Republicans block recovery while taking credit for its success
  70. Tea Partiers: Republicans in disguise
  71. Hope for public option?
  72. Ain't it the truth!
  73. Republian rule- how
  74. Republican rule- How'd that work out for us?
  75. Scott Brown on plane attack: "Well no one likes paying taxes."
  76. Did Republicans complain about Bush's stimulas bill that really was a failure?
  77. Bigeasy... Just for you
  78. Tea Party speaker calls for Senator to be hanged
  79. They're b-a-c-k... !
  80. This Is Disturbing
  81. Ain't it the truth!
  82. Tax the rich- they can afford it
  83. Tiger Woods
  84. Oklahoma law struck down that requires personal information made public
  85. One reason why Republicans might gain some seats this fall
  86. Stating the obvious!
  87. Austin terror attack- what rightwingers won't say
  88. Something that unites both right and left
  89. Disturbing ads
  90. Petraeus to Cheney: "Shaddup!"
  91. Why nobody pays marginal tax rates!
  92. They want less govt... until they want more!
  93. Hot new social network!
  94. Hay Teapartiers- you're Democrats!
  95. He shouldn't have quit
  96. GOP betting America fails
  97. Happy Birthday George Washington
  98. Inofe to bring charges ; wants gore recalled; Dr Lal admits he knew of "glacier gate"
  99. Multimillionaire Sarah Palin gets socialized govt. healthcare for her grandson
  100. C-mon Repubs- you can't support this?
  101. It's about time- House Dems introduce bill to stop privatization of military
  102. What I'd like to ask Glenn Beck
  103. Disturbing ads from the past
  104. Enough with the Goldilocks routine
  105. If Dems were really looking at polls
  106. Obama and Dems in '05 "nuclear option is arrogant power grab
  107. what budget problems?
  108. Toyota Hearings
  109. Health summit- low expectations abound
  110. Reconciliation- a primer
  111. Ain't it the truth!
  112. If times are so tough they have to raise rates- then where'd the $27M come from?
  113. A history of reconciliation used for health care
  114. The Thing that ate America
  115. Do toxins cause autism?
  116. Ya think?
  117. Finish the job
  118. Disturbing ads from the past
  119. new CNN poll shows 56% of Americans think govt is too big and poses threats
  120. and the slide continues... poor barak...definitely buyers remorse..
  121. dems try to slip in jail sentences for CIA interrogaters
  122. What's the attraction, really?
  123. Should Dems look to polls for how to proceed on health care reform?
  124. The GOP plan for America: Cut SS, abolish Medicare and raise middle class taxes
  125. Propaganda meets professor at health care summit
  126. Eight health care lobbyists for every member of Congress
  127. Ain't it the truth!
  128. Earthquakes
  129. Poll shows majority of Americans still want health care reform
  130. Disturbing ads from the past
  131. Senate told to get "its head out of its rear end" and confront climate crisis
  132. Tea Party? Meet Coffee Party
  133. We shouldn't accept watered down "reform"
  134. 1.2 million Americans lose unemployment benefits today- thanks to Republicans
  135. Why health care reform should matter to you
  136. Well maybe he should have listened?
  137. Fair and balanced? Not so much!
  138. Liberals stuck in Custer's army
  139. Disturbing ads from the past
  140. A 'cure' for character
  141. This is alarming
  142. Republicans setting filibuster record
  143. Did we elect Obama so he could ask Republicans how they want to govern?
  144. REALLY disturbing ads from the past!
  145. Bi-partisanship is just a dream as long as both parties live in different worlds
  146. Unbelievable! GOP mocks their own donors in fundraising pitch
  147. If only the Democrats would list the facts
  148. The Republican's big lie about reconciliation
  149. Arabs Living In America
  150. Oh great- something else to blame on women!
  151. Fresh evidence that man's fingerprints are on global warming
  152. Christian hate group terrorizes Texas town
  153. I'll bet he listened to Glenn Beck and Michael Savage
  154. Disturbing ads from the past
  155. Obama's big deception in his attacks on health insurance companies
  156. Republicans once again thumb their noses at the American people
  157. Disturbing ads from the past
  158. Possibly the best reason to pass health care reform!
  159. Here's something everyone should be able to get behind
  160. House Dems do what the GOP never did when it ran things:ban earmarks for private co.
  161. Glenn Beck is insane
  162. Oh- he doesn't want to live there, he just wants their health care!
  163. Who broke America's job machine?
  164. good info for those who only watch mainstream news and MSLSD
  165. Interesting stdy about the effects of pornography
  166. Why the status quo is unacceptable
  167. Disturbing ads from the past
  168. I hope there are Burger Kings in Costa Rica!
  169. Texas Board of Education takes Thomas Jefferson out of textbooks
  170. here you go reines... the article on fishing
  171. Health Reform Myths
  172. Why don't honest journailsts take on Roger Ailes and Fox News?
  173. Social Security
  174. Disturbing ads from the past
  175. Can Progressives declare independence?
  176. Millions of students will now learn a rewritten, fake conservative version of history
  177. Opinions?
  178. Glen Beck causing divisions in Fox News
  179. Finally- some regulatory reform
  180. Why does Glenn Beck hate Jesus?
  181. Why I sleep with married men
  182. Why we should all love the Irish
  183. Republican plan for health care
  184. Fox News shows that beyond being rude, bullying and not letting people speak
  185. Why is too much not enough?
  186. Strange... very strange
  187. Anti-health reform protestors ridicule man with Parkinson's
  188. The real reason Republicans are apoplectic about health care reform
  189. Why we reform
  190. If Jesus returned as Glenn Beck
  191. Unbelievable!
  192. GOP stands with big business rather than the American people
  193. CBO says health bill cuts deficit
  194. A Majority of Americans want health care reform
  195. Why those who oppose abortion should support health care reform
  196. Yup, that's the ticket. Just spit, call names and curse
  197. Limbaugh says he will leave the country if Health Care reform passes
  198. Heath Care Reform..repeal it.
  199. Tantrums because they didn't get their way
  200. Does this incite violence?
  201. An absence of class
  202. Just wondering, when is Rush leaving?
  203. Health care reform: What's in it for you now
  204. "Break their windows. Break them now"
  205. GOPer: Let's not elect Senators anymore!
  206. An open letter to conservatives
  207. Health care bill attacks wealth inequality
  208. Yes Joe
  209. Palin has her crosshairs drawn on Dems
  210. Ah yes, but of course!
  211. What's going on here?
  212. Catholic Church scandal just won't go away
  213. How insane are some people getting?
  214. 6Billion and eight years later... and Afghan cops still aren't trained?
  215. Is severing gas lines at politician's homes alright?
  216. Wise words from George Will
  217. Why do Republicans think they speak for "the will of the people"?
  218. Former Bush speechwriter fired from conservative thinktank
  219. Health reform- the basics
  220. voters srill disapprove of the health care bill
  221. Republicans admit repealing health care reform is just a campaign gimmick
  222. Another major achievement- nuclear arms treaty agreement reached with Russia
  223. Are they gathering on April 19th to celebrate this?
  224. It's the GOP's waterloo
  225. Going to extremes
  226. Priest who molested more than 200 deaf boys was "too valuable" to let go
  227. At least one conservative finds Sarah Palin's "crosshair" map despicable
  228. Tea Party blogger warns of "a thousand little Wacos"
  229. Earth to Repulicans: We live in a democracy
  230. Why some reforms were delayed in HCR
  231. Taxpayers duped into providing free police services for Tea party "rallies"
  232. Constitution-loving Tea Partiers don't want a president
  233. Now you get mad??? I am reposting this because I thought wow that says it all
  234. Tea Partiers just Republicans by another name?
  235. Rage on the right
  236. The difference between the parties
  237. GOP family values?
  238. It's about time
  239. supreme court may get involved in health care law
  240. Half of the NYC Subway security cams don't work?
  241. Michigan Militia. Are there more?
  242. Barck Obama is the Antichrist... and other bizarre Republican beliefs
  243. Do we really live in a stupid country?
  244. Banks or families... pick a side
  245. 7 medical myths even doctors believe
  246. Insurance industry already gaming new system
  247. Consumption of high fructose corn syrup linked to liver damage?
  248. Bush's former spokesman rips the Tea Partiers
  249. Happy April's Fool day
  250. Hey President Obama