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  1. Sixty eight years ago on this date ' a day that will ive in infamy'
  2. Hey, Harry listen to your constituents
  3. Rape victim's choice: Risk AIDS or health insurance
  4. Well, of course!
  5. Your joke of the day!
  6. Fun quiz
  7. More proof that climate fraud has nothing to do with saving the planet
  8. wake up america before it is too late
  9. more stuff on obama's safe school czar
  10. Did yall know obama sought and received an endorsment from a marxist 3rd party?
  11. How typical
  12. What did Obama say about Afghanistan during the campaign?
  13. Childish GOP obstruction tactics
  14. Teabagger convention
  15. Going Cheney on climate
  16. For you Reines...and others... lol
  17. Britain imposes 50% tax on huge corporate bonuses
  18. Beck: We should just abolish Medicare
  19. Swiftboating: How the rightwing noise machine manufactured "Climategate"
  20. Scientist felt pressured to defend 'climategate' researchers
  21. OMG 44% would rather have Bush back
  22. House approves tougher rules on Wall Street
  23. Shouldn't a member of Congress know this?
  24. GOP tries to remove NC Councilman because he doesn't believe in God
  25. Sorry GOP, new study shows most of deficit is because of Bush
  26. And THIS is the head of the GOP?!?
  27. Dems and obama out to destroy even MORE jobs
  28. I Don't Care Who You Are
  29. The irrefutable stupidity of Sarah Palin
  30. Lieberman wants a health reform bill with no reforms in it
  31. Media still using military analysts without revealing their conflicts of interest
  32. How's this for stupid?
  33. One way to speed up Congress
  34. Republican answer for jobless Americans- take away unemployment insurance!
  35. Republicans want to privatize SS again!
  36. Republicans refuse to hold Wall Street accountable
  37. Health care in UK maternity wards
  38. Time to start over?
  39. Kentucky tea-partiers worried about fascism, Muslims and taxes
  40. The party of "NO", chapter 979
  41. New opposition to health care bill coming from Dems
  42. Full tomato lockdown
  43. Ted Kennedy would be disgusted
  44. Health care reform is losing popularity
  45. Our tap water- legal but unhealthy
  46. Early Christmas present for big banks
  47. Health care on the road to neo-feudalism
  48. On the other hand, reasons to support this health reform bill
  49. Health reform dance
  50. McCain introduces legislation to repeal GOP caused financial disaster
  51. Chavez brings down the house in Copenhagen
  52. Only in Texas? Public officials sue for right to be secret!
  53. Droopy Dog
  54. One opinion- Get a grip!
  55. Happy, happy Friday!
  56. Guess which congressional districts got the most stimulus money
  57. Stossel!
  58. Better than nothing?
  59. US currently has 189,000 personel in Afghanistan
  60. Corporations have spent 1 billion this year thwarting the will of the people
  61. A dangerous dysfunction
  62. Lost opportunities?
  63. Leadership, Obama Style and the looming losses in 2010
  64. Largets nurses org... NO to Senate healthcare bill
  65. Report: How to pay for troop escalation in Afghanistan by cutting defense budget
  66. Blackwater wants MORE
  67. Merry Christmas
  68. Hypocrisy
  69. Health care reform has "ruined" Christmas!
  70. Specter" GOP plotter early on to stop bi-partisanship and beat Obama in 2012
  71. Farewell to 2009
  72. Walter Williams will be the guest host on Limbaugh Thurs 12/31/09
  73. The myth of tax cut prosperity
  74. How could the security in Amsterdam mess up so terribly?
  75. Truth for Teabaggers
  76. Liberal media??
  77. Terrorism: Still less deadly in U.S. than salmonella
  78. The Ant And The Grasshopper
  79. hey Ben.. hope the dems paid you enough.. your vote cost you your job
  80. Just a reminder. Listen to Rush tomorrow 12/31/09
  81. Yet another Republican characterizes Hawaii as "foreign"
  82. Hey, everybody
  83. Remember that "open govt." he promised?
  84. Too bad we can't follow Israel's example of airport security
  85. Scientists say dolphins should be treated as "non-human persons"
  86. Too big to jail?
  87. CIA is sharing data with climate scientists
  88. Former Bush officials afraid of Cheney?
  89. C-mon folks- let's find our "Resiliant Society"!
  90. American troops have made Afghanistan safe for Chinese investment
  91. It can't be done
  92. Have the terrorists won?
  93. An Uneasy Feeling
  94. fannie and freddie about to get 400 billion and their execs will
  95. Learning from the last decade as we move into the next one
  96. Chatty Cheney
  97. Republican New Year
  98. What's wrong with Oklahoma?
  99. Obama has said 8 times Health care debate would be televised
  100. Republicans just want to be terrified
  101. Bringing overpaid executives to heel
  102. No comment
  103. Accident scene
  104. 6 Million Americans list food stamps as only source of income
  105. States with most to gain under health care reform are represented by Republicans
  106. California certainly could use the tax revenue!
  107. Underpants of mass destruction
  108. It's about time!
  109. who here has read "Rules for Radicals" by Saul Alinsky?
  110. Huh? No domestic attacks under GW?
  111. Puzzling...
  112. How the Republican party has conned America for thirty years
  113. The list of what works in other countries, but no longer does in the U.S., is growing
  114. The Right-wing spin... and the FACTS
  115. harry reid: "barak is light skinned with no negro dialect"
  116. The other plot to wreck America
  117. Did you know your computer is a "devil machine"?
  118. In a lost decade, we had big winners
  119. Learning from Europe
  120. Fox's newest commentator insisted that Saddam Hussein attacked the U.S. on 9/11
  121. Health care reform is crashing and burning
  122. Health insurers' duplicitous campaign
  123. Fox News VP: We hope Palin will be polarizing
  124. The phony GOP "transparency" campaign
  125. Thank God the independents have put the crack pipe down
  126. 708 Billion?
  127. Breaking News: Full body scans to double as annual checkups!
  128. Senate unveils "CompromiseCare"
  129. Health care reform follies
  130. As predictable as snow in winter in the northeast...
  131. Beck calls 'bullcrap' on Palin
  132. new poll now shows majority would vote against barak
  133. When Gossip Trumps News
  134. The problem with the world today
  135. And now for something uplifting!
  136. Bankers without a clue
  137. Leader of Republican party says we've done enough for Haiti
  138. Thieves in suits
  139. Massachusetts may end up with a Republican senator
  140. what a nice change... no more lobbyists and special interests
  141. Style versus substance
  142. Teacher arrested in New York
  143. Wall Street investers lavish Brown's campaign with money
  144. Non partisan story here
  145. Mass. Senate race lessons for Obama
  146. Heck, it could probably build a city!
  147. The Conservative Case for Gay Marriage
  148. Don't panic
  149. Compassionate Conservatism?
  150. Madmen at the Golden Globe Awards
  151. Hollow threat
  152. I thought I would never have the chance to say "thank you" to Massacussets...but now
  153. will obama go the clinton route and move to the center to save his presidency?
  154. This is just stupidity compounded!
  155. Calling true patriots
  156. In Obama's first year, successes outweigh misteps
  157. Haiti relief
  158. Govt. discourages medical marijuana studies
  159. Poll question..at what time will the dem trial lawyers declare voter fraud?
  160. Na Na Na Na, nah hah han hey hey hey good bye..
  161. Don't do it
  162. Obama finally gets his victory for bi-partisanship
  163. Taxing Wall Street down to size
  164. DEmocrats throw Croakley under the bus
  165. Media talking points
  166. 365 days later...
  167. A deep and restive anger
  168. I find this funny in a sad sort of way...
  169. The Haiti tragedy
  170. A year later...
  171. Dems- you're digging your own graves by gutting health care reform!
  172. If Republicans win back Congress
  173. Wondering...
  174. Democratic silver linings
  175. Long overdue
  176. Court decision opens the door for new gilded age
  177. "Oppressed" Chamber of Commerce spent 123 million to influence policy in 2009
  178. GOP overjoyed at the unprecedented influence corporations will now have
  179. Corporate personhood should be banned, once and for all
  180. Ain't it the truth!
  181. 77% of investors see obama as anti-business
  182. this shows obama is indeed intentionally trying to destroy this country's financial
  183. RIP Air America
  184. hey Reines... here's a more reliable prez poplularity poll
  185. Majority of Americans including 6 out of 10 young adults NOW view abortion as morally
  186. Just do it!
  187. Sign petition to call for public financing
  188. Jumping to conclusions
  189. Where was President Obama?
  190. Time to cowboy up
  191. They still don't get it
  192. Those darn ole celebrities
  193. Billboard story.
  194. Let em eat cake
  195. Why nothing's getting done in Congress
  196. The woman Democrats need
  197. If corporations were really human
  198. Republican Sen. Hatch admits hypocrisy
  199. Who's responsible for the economic mess?
  200. Thanks to the rightwing Supreme Court
  201. Court decision gives foreigners right to spend millions to influence our elections
  202. Obama's credibility gap
  203. A look at the U.S. if the Tea Partier, anti-big Govt. folks had gotten their way
  204. ACORN sting filmmaker arrested by FBI
  205. Corporations start strategizing how to spend billions to buy the govt. they want
  206. Manly BBQ
  207. question for the board...
  208. Curse of the Supermajority
  209. State Of The Union Drinking Game
  210. SOTU speech
  211. Howard Zinn dies
  212. GOP chooses big banks over the American people
  213. Tea Party convention falling apart?
  214. Elizabeth Edwards files for divorce
  215. Every Senate Republican votes against "Pay-as-you-go"
  216. The destruction of the middle class
  217. Pelosi demands any budget freeze also apply to military spending
  218. have yall seen the booze and food tabs pelosi and co. run up on air force jets?
  219. President Obama schools Republicans
  220. Former McCain advisor: Stimulas was key to fourth quarter growth
  221. Obama calls repubs out
  222. Bi-partisanship?
  223. Isn't this part of our problem?
  224. Repubs more knowledgeable than Dems on current events
  225. how does anybody take these warmers seriously?
  226. "They're disgusting. I'm embarrassed... "
  227. Fourth quarter GDP growth highest in 6 years
  228. Train wreck
  229. Can you tell if someone's a Democrat or a Republican just by looking at them?
  230. What can we learn from Canada?
  231. What an ugly and inappropriate outfit!
  232. The rich are different from you and me
  233. and yet even more BS from the liars in copenhagen
  234. Tilting at windmills
  235. The party of "NO"
  236. Brown raked in nearly half a million from financial industry in last week of campaign
  237. Apparently Fox News viewers can't handle the truth!
  238. The man paid to convince the public that bank reform is bad
  239. The case for progressive taxation
  240. Another Obama lie about taxing the middle class
  241. The "pushback" from Republicans on the budget
  242. Highest rating military officers say repeal "Don't ask-don't tell"
  243. Tea Party Profiteers: How Republican operatives are exploiting economic anxiety
  244. The economics of global warming
  245. Don't mess with 'Raging Grannies'
  246. Military recognizes climate change danger
  247. Tea Party follies
  248. Democrats need to "message" up
  249. Will Sarah Palin call for Rush Limbaugh to be fired?
  250. Think we need more public question time with Congress?