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  1. I was president...
  2. No comment
  3. The invisible man of the GOP
  4. One business not hit by recession
  5. ok...I'm going to have to give props to barney frank
  6. Where's the outrage? (part 2)
  7. Truth about ACORN lost in rightwing BS
  8. All Hail, Great Leader!
  9. Well over 2 to 1- people support a public option
  10. What do you guys think?
  11. "Rubbing the sore" has become a profitable business
  12. Did yall see the gag order the white house put on private insurance companies?
  13. Repub Sen. argues that since men don't need maternity care
  14. Three terrorist plots thwarted, without torture,
  15. Glenn Beck is a really serious political leader
  16. Republicans finally let us see their health care plan for the country!
  17. Criminals...
  18. The man who walked across Afghanistan
  19. Support for Obama-care keeps going down
  20. The Spanish Government And The Photo
  21. Sometimes crime pays
  22. Yoo Hoo! Reines!
  23. Which parts of the country are deadliest for the seven deadly sins?
  24. Any Chicagoans here? Do you want the olympics in your city?
  25. Michael Moore educates Wolf Blitzer
  26. Gore Vidal regrets supporting Obama
  27. Comparing Bush deficits with Obama deficits
  28. Is the media exaggerating the Iranian threat?
  29. Should congress post bills befor passing them
  30. Happy Birthday Minicooper!
  31. Palin having difficulty getting speaking engagements
  32. GOP creating same environment that resulted in death of Rabin
  33. George Will says: Time to get out of Afghanistan
  34. Wise words from 40 years ago
  35. Patriot Act helped nab NYC terror plot
  36. Kerry cancels Dement's trip to Honduras
  37. question for the obama supporters|
  38. Just a couple of thoughts and wondering what you all think
  39. GOP's new foreign policy: Undermine U.S. diplomacy
  40. Oldest human ancestor found- No more "missing link"
  41. Big news about Michael Savage
  42. The GOP- a story as old as "The Wizard of Oz".
  43. Shep Smith: "Every vote against the public option is a vote for insurance companies"
  44. Is insurance company reform the best we can hope for at this point?
  45. Why the job situation will remain bleak
  46. The Nobel Peace Prize???
  47. Rush... In it for the ratings and advertising dollars
  48. Bernie Sanders on some stunning hypocrisy
  49. Why are companies that break the law allowed to receive taxpayer funds?
  50. The Uneducated American
  51. Deep thought
  52. video of left winged warmers shutting out opposition
  53. here's something I think we can all honestly agree on
  54. Top marginal tax rates in the fifties were much higher than they are now
  55. Head of NFL players union opposes Limbaugh's bid to buy a team
  56. another fine example of govt run education
  57. ;
  58. Hmm, say it ain't true that Foxnews is biased!!!
  59. more zero tolerence idiocy
  60. Chris Matthews fantasizing about killing Limbaugh
  61. I just bought the Republican Health Plan at Piggly Wiggly
  62. Fox News gets put in their place
  63. Time Magazine: 401Ks a "lousy idea"
  64. Former right-wing leader warns of potential violence from the religious right
  65. When will it end?
  66. Don't ask- don't tell... when will that end?
  67. Arctic sea ice to be gone in a decade
  68. I'm sick of more Dems. I want better Dems.
  69. Now he tells us!
  70. Why Repubs are being so obstructionist
  71. Anyone on here watch Mad Men?
  72. HINI shots- are you getting one?
  73. North Carolina church to burn Bibles on Halloween
  74. good info on the mortgage meltdown
  75. War hawk skeptical about more troops for Afghanistan
  76. 2.3 mil to cosmetology, massage and nail schools
  77. please explain how this lady gets elected
  78. Secret Service overwhelmed with threats against Obama
  79. Oklahoma law makes personal information public
  80. Would this recession have ended sooner if we had more unions?
  81. Kyl: "I'm not sure it's a fact" that people die from being uninsured
  82. white house admits they control the media
  83. Ever wonder how some political books get and stay on the best seller lists?
  84. People want health reform more than they want bi-partisanship
  85. Safety Nets for the Rich
  86. A disgrace- memories of Iraq haunted suicide
  87. One job that's always in demand
  88. A novel approach to encouraging people to stay fit
  89. Let's listen to our elders!
  90. Growing number of Americans favor a public option
  91. Is the white house creating an 'Enemies List' ?
  92. Obama orders huge pay cuts for bailout firm executives
  93. GOP network in action or how talkling points always end up on Fox News!
  94. Who knew? Beck says slave owners were "progressives"!
  95. Ever get up and just know that it's going to be one of those days?
  96. something we all must consider if we want to remain a strong country
  97. Rock musicians want to know: Were our songs used to torture Gitmo Prisoners?
  98. 55 Republicans in Congress who get Medicare refuse to allow a public option
  99. Makes sense to me
  100. A Joke For Reines
  101. white house attack and enemies list starting to worry moderate dems
  102. Dirty tricks in Georgia
  103. Savage calls Fox News whining a "kabuki play"
  104. Yeah Rush is accurate...
  105. Fair and Balanced, the Mother Ship has Landed
  106. looks like the left has been lying about health ins profits
  107. conservatives by pass moderates as top ideological group
  108. Lord Stern says we must give up meat to save the planet
  109. McCain introduces "Internet Freedom" Act that would take away internet freedom!
  110. New study shows U.S. health care system wastes $800 Billion a year
  111. GOP wins new prize
  112. we must take America back...thomas sowell
  113. Insurance Companies and Anti-trust protection
  114. Talk about awful...
  115. Town Hall disruptions big flops? Support for public option keeps growing
  116. The GOP today- this about says it all
  117. Hannity shows his ignorance again
  118. Rare picture of Fox News head Roger Ailes
  119. God knows I'm not a fan of Palin...
  120. George Will to Cheney: You should have "dithered" before invading Iraq
  121. An interesting fact
  122. Job gains signal stimulas impact
  123. Are we just wasting time in Afghanistan?
  124. Fox once agains proves they aren't a news network
  125. U.S. economy returns to growth
  126. More southern Republican "family values"
  127. More religious lunacy
  128. House health bill reduces the deficit, says CBO
  129. How the right-wingers lie and distort- one example
  130. Are we de-sensitized to violence?
  131. Happy Halloween
  132. The Obamas & Holidays
  133. How bad has it gotten for Repubs? So bad they are driving out their own candidates!
  134. Something to think about
  135. Does this make any sense?
  136. A good example of how manufactured hype is taken as fact
  137. Just wondering...
  138. And it's about time!
  139. Report: 237 millionaires in Congress
  140. new congressman from NY breaks 3 campaign promises in first hour of service
  141. GOP bully tactics in Congress
  142. Remember this when we have our next terror attack!
  143. Takeover of Republican party bad news for America
  144. Sold out once again by Congress
  145. 2,200 Vets died last year because they lacked health insurance
  146. Is Clinton right?
  147. LOL...
  148. constitutional contempt
  149. Political Correctness can be blamed on the 13 deaths and 30 wounded
  150. Lou Dobbs out of CNN
  151. Still think Republicans care anything about bi-partisanship?
  152. Don't get mad at banks!
  153. America's defining choice
  154. Our tax dollars at work
  155. U.S. Afghanistan Ambassador: Do not send more troops to Afghanistan!
  156. Why are Hawkish lawmakers willing to pay for endless war- but not health care?
  157. Domestic dispute
  158. This is why faith-based govt. programs are a mistake
  159. Why do so many rightwingers hate America?
  160. Palin's book plays fast and loose with the facts
  161. Does Anyone Know
  162. Life in America today
  163. Clinton: No more civilian aid for Afghanistan without reforms
  164. would like to know if this acceptable coming from al gore
  165. Teabaggers chant "Europeans go home!"
  166. Is this considered humor?
  167. Look out, North Carolina
  168. Out of the mouth of a Republican
  169. The continuing Republican purge of their party
  170. The right's textbook surrender to terrorists
  171. Three prominent conservatives warn GOP of "scaremongering"
  172. Ongoing list of Palin "falsehoods" in her book
  173. Where's our money going? Afghanistan and Iraq most corrupt countries of all
  174. Newsweek's Palin Cover
  175. Mtj I might be wrong
  176. Hey Bigeasy- The teabaggers are really strong in Texas!
  177. Every Democrat's dream
  178. Thanks, John!
  179. You can't get away from it
  180. CBO: Senate health reform bill major deficit reducer
  181. Question for Republicans
  182. Texas gay marriage ban appears to outlaw all marriages in Texas!
  183. Is this humor? Or is it sick?
  184. Republican party once again screws the public!
  185. please tell me this guy is not the atty general
  186. more than 98 billion in improper govt payments/waste/fraud
  187. why would the AP assign 11 reporters to "fact check" Palin's book and not ONE to
  188. Inequality's death toll
  189. USA- land of murder and mayhem
  190. Another sore loser!
  191. 100 million will be the cost for Landrieu's vote
  192. Going Rogue with Bill O'Reilly
  193. In defense of New York
  194. Is this alarming?
  195. New consensus sees stimulas as worthy
  196. Kind of creepy?
  197. mtj, about third parties
  198. Medical Marijuana gets a boost from doctors
  199. Wow
  200. I lay this squarely at Bush's feet.
  201. How we pay for Big Pharma"s malpractice
  202. Palintology
  203. Glen Beck has a dream...
  204. The public option- where did it go?
  205. One gun, six years, 13 shootings, 1 armed robbery
  206. A frightening look at Palin supporters
  207. Scandal among the global warning activists
  208. So many socialist plots- so little time!
  209. War Surtax
  210. The real reason Obama's job is next to impossible
  211. What ever happened to the good times the Tax-Cutters promised?
  212. Dick 'five deferments' Cheney talks about war from 'perspective' of troops?
  213. Happy Thanksgiving!
  214. This Is Scary
  215. How to forge a consensus
  216. Good Lord Lefties... what's it gonna take? are yall still on board with this crap?
  217. "Climategate" nothing but a "smear campaign" to sabotage Copenhagen
  218. Palin quits again
  219. Long overdue...
  220. Step right up!
  221. That darned political correctness!
  222. Food Stamp use soars- now helps feed one in eight Americans
  223. The world according to Fox News
  224. Do we believe in our system or not?
  225. UK war inquiry: Blair was told beforehand that Iraq war was illegal
  226. Senate report: Bin Laden was unquestionably "within our grasp"
  227. How regulation came to be: Our Lady of the Angels
  228. Those police killed in Washington
  229. A Tragic Mistake
  230. Our tainted food supply
  231. Health care reform- where are our leaders?
  232. Yes We Can!!
  233. The Obama "doctrine"
  234. Three and a half billion a day
  235. They're running for cover
  236. Ask the powerful...
  237. Rep. Senator publishes an instruction manual to stop the people's business
  238. We know where the jobs are
  239. The nainstream media still ignore 'climategate'
  240. Now the government wants to get involved in the news reporting business
  241. I guess it had to happen
  242. Is there any justification for this?
  243. Reform or else
  244. Aetna forcing 650,000 to lose coverage to increase profits
  245. TN Mayor's rant over not seeing Peanuts special
  246. The duplicity and hypocrisy of the evil health insurance industry
  247. Reines, This Will Scare You
  248. An Affordable Truth
  249. Cancer from the kitchen?
  250. Now that's a large carbon footprint