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  1. Sun Protection
  2. Soy: not safe for Lupies?
  3. Study Says Lupus Quality of Life is Depressing. Duh.
  4. The Voices of Lupus
  5. Another Drug Expected to Fail Trials
  6. Benlysta Works! 52-Week Trial "...Success"
  7. Meds for reducing lupus flares
  8. Vitamin D: More Clearly Implicated in Lupus
  9. Test to See If Chemo Would be Helpful?
  10. Canada Fired Up for Lupus Awareness; Whatup America?
  11. Big Pharma Gets Personal About Lupus
  12. Arizona Rep. Proposes a "Pool" For Chronic Disease.
  13. LFA Joins Glaxo & HGS to Announce Lupus Drug Test Results
  14. New Tests for Lupus-Related Kidney Disease
  15. Prudential Singapore Pays Lump Sum On Nephritis Diagnosis
  16. Investment Research Firm Reports on "Lupus Pipeline"
  17. Lupus Newbies: Wear a Hat!
  18. Lady Gaga: Possible Lupus Connection
  19. Changes in Standard Lupus Treatment Yields Improvements
  20. New Lupus Screening Protein Found -- May Lead To Treatments
  21. Actual News: New discovery in how Lupus DOESN"T happen in healthy people.