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  1. let's debate tax cuts democrats
  2. Cigarette company openly soliciting political action.
  3. This current events site is really hopping
  4. Sex Offenders-Levels and Registering
  5. Lawsuits..good, bad, indifferent?
  6. US ranks 42nd internationaly in life expectancy
  7. Drinking age limit bubbling up?
  8. Why is the US not stepping up to Global Climate Change?
  9. I am an American...I am an...American
  10. Anti-porn "Family" political orgs want skin mags out of PX's.
  11. Do you think Oprah's support wil get Obama lots of votes?
  12. The Marriage agenda. Gays vs traditional
  13. Japenese whaling ships have acid thrown at them
  14. Grey wolves off the endangered list
  15. Take a test about global warming
  16. Polar Bears now on the endangered list
  17. How smart are animals?
  18. Bush & McBush are the same!