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  1. OT - sort of - it's just a cute story
  2. 2012 London Olympics Logo
  3. This story is so silly I had to share it w/someone
  4. The bridge collapse tragedy
  5. Another of the Prez's boys jumps ship. Tony Snow is leaving
  6. Change unlikely regardless of Sept. Iraq report
  7. NFL Michael Vick and dog fighting ring..
  8. Here is a funny outcome from the Larry Craig mess
  9. Hello, Middle East countries buying stock exchanges..
  10. Good news for President Bush in the form of "Mutts & Moms"
  11. What is the war funding buying???
  12. Anyone else think we need to be less dependant??
  13. More Saudi Oh. My. God. factor..
  14. How's this for family values?
  15. What is in a name?
  16. The New Jersey legislature just voted to end the death penalty, Good or Bad?
  17. The world's oldest profession?
  18. The results in Iowa
  19. Anyone surprised by Fred Thompson's dropping out?
  20. Would you take this flight?
  21. Doesn't Spector have more important things to do?
  22. The falllout of letting the NRA make public policy
  23. Prime example of how media twists for headlines...
  24. If you are homeschooling in CA you'r breaking the law!
  25. The second amendment is being tested in the Supreme Court
  26. The founder of the weather channel does not agree w/global warming hype
  27. The planet is not still warming
  28. Faith or folly? Raids on polygamist sect in Texas remove hundreds of children
  29. Texas woman convicted when husband shoots lover.
  30. Interesting article.
  31. What is wrong with Myanmar!!!
  32. Too Expensive to Stay In!
  33. RIP Tim Russert
  34. Summer Olympics
  35. Intersting aarticle about climate change
  36. Thoughts on Joe Biden as VP pick...
  37. Who do you trust?
  38. $800 Billion Bailout Passes in House
  39. I have a feeling mtj will love this
  40. Colin Powell endorses Obama
  41. This is not exactly ppolitical but it makes me laugh
  42. Barack Obama's Grandmother has died
  43. Global warming costs
  44. God hates Obama, soldiers, gays and all the rest
  45. About Elizabeth Edwards:
  46. How old is too old to have a baby?
  47. I'm Shocked about the Finale! Britain's Got Talent:
  48. Choice!
  49. Why did Palin do SNL after they told a joke about incest in her family?
  50. The Balloon Boy story
  51. Wind energy plans for a cleaner future
  52. Food Eating Competitions
  53. Tucson shootings: So Sad
  54. A stupid question (not poitical or controversial)
  55. 6/10/11
  56. Third Party Candidate
  57. Herman Cain
  58. Income Of The Top 1%
  59. Adam Lanza's Father
  60. Here's an interesting site for nature lovers....rasing baby owls
  61. Rachael Dolezal...what is race identification
  62. Obamas Donate $2 million for Summer Jobs & Apprenticeships
  63. Jared K is an evil landlord. Mean and evil.
  64. Majorities of Americans in EVERY State Support Participation in the Paris Agreement
  65. "Fiscal Ship" game -- learning about trade for adults. Easy & fun game
  66. Mike on "How to Spot Fake News" in local newspaper...
  67. Skynet Terminator bot is real. T.01
  68. Attention Walmart Shoppers
  69. US Franciscans "object in strenuous terms" Trump's recission of DACA
  70. Trump Ignores American Disaster in Puerto Rico.
  71. Senator Susan Collins is a HERO! She has killed the latest Trumpcare Attempt!
  72. General Michael Hayden Pens Editorial - standing up for free speech
  73. Las Vegas Music Festival Shooting